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We flipping LOVE Glitter!

I'm Sienna and me and my Mum and sister Stella love no litter glitter. 

My Mum asked me what problem I wanted to solve in the world and I told her I wanted to stop war and help the refugees. I thought glitter might cheer up the refugees. But it made me sad to find out that lots of glitter harms the environment. So I asked my Mum if we could find some glitter that wouldn't harm the environment.


We did some research


Nǐ hǎo!

We found a factory in china that's able to make biodegradable packaging and glitter. 

I have never been to China yet, it will be fun to go there.


Glitter for good

We are on a mission to leave a biodegradable sparkle wherever we go and help those in need. Our glitter is safe as make up, for craft projects and is safe on your face, in your hair or on your nails!

The best part is, it is safe on your eye lids as eye shadow - hooray!

We can't wait to see how you use your glitter! Share your pictures with us online: #PLAYWITHNOLITTERGLITTER

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